Work Skill Development

Our work-skills development program provides individuals an opportunity to participate organic farming or green house activities . This program is designed for those affiliated with  service agencies that work with individuals that have special needs.  As well,  the program is meant as an extension of students’ classroom experience that will help them to meet their high school certificate requirements. Students apply skills they have learned in sheltered environments of their classrooms and apply them on our farm.  Each participant has a set schedule that would help them practice and retain work-based skills and expectations such as but not limited to: signing in and out on time sheets; work-appropriate dress codes; clarifying questions; follow-up questions; customer-specific communication; following specific tasks that present a finished product; following verbal and/or written instructions; identifying the appropriate  tools and materials needed to complete a job; working collaboratively and independently; asking for help; time-management; accepting feedback and adapting work to this feedback.