VOLUNTEERS ARE OUR GREATEST ASSET! As a volunteer you assume meaningful and productive roles in all levels of the organization and are a valuable resource to TALMAR, its staff and its participants. Volunteers are committed to our mission; they play an essential role in promoting participant successes.

  • We have a dedicated team of volunteers that contribute their time and talents to various programs at TALMAR.
  • We thrive on the compassionate service of our volunteers and we are always trying to recruit resourceful, energetic individuals and groups to help our participants become more successful.
  • TALMAR’s programs are diverse, thus requiring volunteers who have talents specific to each program.
  • Whether you love to plant seeds in a greenhouse, growing or harvesting produce or flowers in the fields, build raised beds using a hammer, nails and wood, drive and make deliveries, or good at organizational tasks within an administrative office, there is a place for you!!

Please complete the volunteer application, scan and email it to talmar@talmar.org.  Our office will call you to schedule an orientation meeting. During that time, you will be assigned to a role that will best meet your interests and qualifications, and determine when you can volunteer.

Thank you so much for your interest!