[Option A] Introduction to Horticulture: Greenhouse Production, Landscaping & Floriculture

Horticulture:  Greenhouse Production, Landscaping, and Floriculture

  • Actual careers in a relevant labor market used by TALMAR Career Readiness in Horticulture, Landscaping and Floriculture
  • Provide Trainees an accurate work experience on a commercial horticulture center.
  • Authentic experience with a true work culture offering industry standards and workplace practices versus a simulated facility based experience.
  • Successful experiences in an area of interest impacts a trainee’s self-esteem, motivation and performance.
  • Demonstration of skill based learning and work habits that can be documented and included on resumes.
  • Actual positions in the labor market used within TALMAR’s Career Readiness program in Horticulture, Landscaping and Floriculture provides our staff and  counselors the documentation to educate the business community on this valuable source of manpower.
  • Opportunity for on-site consultation in areas of accommodation, modification and use of assistive technology, tools and techniques.
  • Provision of information on targeted tax credits, ADA, EEOC, disability awareness, community resources to address barriers that may affect their employees, etc.
  • Establishment of a network of employers who can serve in advisory capacity in the creation of training programs to address their immediate and future needs
  • Engagement in joint projects with staff, community partners, and the public to promote participant career readiness.

This program in Horticulture: Greenhouse Production, Landscaping, and Floriculture.  It provides an introduction into horticultural while integrating “hard-” and “soft-skills”  necessary for gaining long-term employment in the industry. According to the Maryland Department of Commerce,  “Agribusinesses” followed by “Environmental Sustainability” among the top five industries for  generating state revenues.  Similarly, these fields are also ranked second when it comes to offering opportunities for employment*. This includes wholesale and retail production, sales, installation, and maintenance of herbaceous perennials, bedding plants/annuals, seasonal greenhouse crops, cut flowers, herbs, vegetables, and specialty crops.

The curriculum design is embedded with skills that have been identified as necessary in the practice of horticulture. The outcome of the training will enable the participant to find, maintain and succeed in an entry-to mid-level position in greenhouse production, landscaping, or floriculture. Trainees will participate in classroom-based lessons, designed to teach both hard and soft skills, as well providing real work experiences on our farm. The trainee will acquire the knowledge of the demands, meaning, and value of work. The latest knowledge and practices related to each of our three disciplines are included at our horticultural center. This preparatory model helps participants obtain long-term employment in positions that match their interest and ability levels.

Trainees will spend four weeks (3 days a week for 6 hours each day) learning the basics of each of the three professions: greenhouse production, landscaping, and floriculture, for a total of 12-weeks.  During this time, clients learn soft skills necessary to find and maintain employment. The latest knowledge and practices related to each of the three horticulture disciplines are included at our working farm.  Each participant will design a career plan, are trained in seeking and finding appropriate positions that meets the interest and ability of each individual client, in searches techniques to find employers, salaries, pre-requisites and requirements, in resume development, writing cover letters, filling out applications, interviewing skills, and payroll/money management. Professionalism, establishing contacts, references and community integration are built-in to the daily curriculum.

This course provides 12 weeks of training, 3 days each week, 6 hours each day; a total of 18 hours each week. The course will be available 3 times each year with no less than 3 individuals in a course. Please call 410-825-2020 for additional information.