Horticultural Therapy

Everyone is welcome at Therapeutic Alternatives of Maryland (TALMAR). We serve people of all ages and abilities, with a focus on those with special needs and disabilities. Our goal is to positively contribute to the mind, body, and spirit of the individuals we serve by improving their physical, psychological, recreational, educational, and social well-being.

TALMAR is a leading provider of horticultural therapy experiences for the disability community, visitors, organizations and educational institutions throughout Maryland, Washington D.C.,Virginia, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

Trained professionals in a diverse horticultural and organic farm environment provide numerous opportunities for physical and psychological healing, stress reduction, physical exercises, vocational training, and learning; using agriculture and flori-culture. Horticultural Therapy professionals allow participants to engage with nature in planned, individualized and group formats.


During the growing season (mid-March through end of October) TALMAR offers our Horticultural Therapy program for people with disabilities, seniors, veterans, school organizations, community groups, and individuals. The goals of the programs are to create social and inter-generational horticultural activities to increase the knowledge of better nutritional options through daily access to fresh organic produce. The program also inspires participants  to experience how gardening can become  a viable therapeutic activity while  producing beautiful and abundant gardens with confidence. This can be accomplished with the use of adaptive tools and modified techniques to ensure success.  TALMAR accommodates individuals and groups for one hour sessions with up to 15 participants.

  • For Horticultural Therapy provided by a licensed horticultural therapist:  Individual cost: $68.00 per hour.  Groups up to 6 people for one hour. $28.00 from each participant.
  • For Horticultural Activities:  Schools and non-profit agencies, senior centers, retirement facilities:  8 participants  for 10 weeks $500.00.
  • For corporate team building or for those wishing one time participation, call for pricing.
  • For veterans: Please refer to the Breaking New Ground Program.

Call to schedule a date and time: 410-825-2020