Therapeutic Alternatives of Maryland (TALMAR) is open for all schools, organizations, and groups/individuals to visit our farm. Located in 10 of Cromwell Valley Park’s 360 acres, our natural landscape lends to lush nature trails, a sensory garden, friendly goats and free-range chickens, and a variety of flower and gardening activities.
TALMAR is now offering groups of up to 10 people for just $50 a session, for 10 weeks. Call us now to schedule a farm filled day full of horticulture and blooms at 410-825-2020 to find out more about the extremely fun activities and programs that can be had during a field trip. 
Just a few of the many activities you’ll experience at TALMAR:
  • Bee Hiving: Take a tour of our bee hives, tasting honey, and learn about bee colonies, drones, their queens, and more!
  • Hydroponics: Ever wondered if you could grow a vegetable garden in a small backyard or even an apartment? This technique will allow you to grow indoors/outdoors all year long easily and at a low cost. The result equals vegetables and fruit galore!
  • Chickens, Eggs, Goats & More: Do you ever wonder why chickens eggs never hatch? Learn more in this hands-on activity hour where you can interact with each of our kid-friendly animals!
  • Organic Practices: Want to know how to create your own organic farm? Learn some of the practices that go into harvesting fruits and vegetables using non-chemical and pesticide-free practices. Sample some produce and take home a plant variety!
  • Pressed Leaf/Flower Gardening Journals: Ever taken a nature walk and wanted to journal the sites and sounds? Make a hand-made gardening log with a cover made from hand-pressed flowers and plant varieties!
  • Composting: Do you want to help recycle and save our planet? Learn how you can use this technique for using unwanted left-over meals, orange peels and apple rinds! The result equals prime soil for growing the perfect flower or vegetable.