Events & Workshops

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Spring Flower Sale- Looking to save money on annual potted flowers and products for Mother’s Day? Get a discount when you pick/cut your own flowers from TALMAR’s immense varieties on our beautiful 10-acre farm!


Movie Night- Want to watch a movie on a 10-acre farm from a glamorous white barn?  Bring your family, snacks, and more for cinema night at TALMAR!


Cut-Your Own Flowers- Want a bouquet of flowers for a cheaper price than what you’d pay at a store? Join us on our beautiful 10-acre farm and learn how to cut fresh cut flowers and put them into a bouquet!


Kid’s Day- Want your kids to learn about produce, farming, and more? Join us for a fun day on the farm where kids can experience a number of outdoor nature activities!


Wine & Cheese- Join us for a relaxing day on our farm with music and more! Take part in a wine tasting from Dejon Vineyards- buy a bottle of wine and take in the spring scenery and more!


Volunteer/Member Appreciation Day- TALMAR wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our amazing volunteers and members! Let us show you how grateful we are for your hard work and effort on this fun filled day full of merriment and festivities!


CVP Harvest Festival- Rustle through autumn leaves, sample pumpkin pie and delectable fall treats! Join TALMAR for a tractor hay ride through the majestic autumn scenery of Cromwell Valley Park!



Raised Beds- Is your soil preventing you from an ideal garden? Our workshop teaches you how to build “raised beds” to enable the perfect garden!


Organic Practices- Want your fruits and vegetables to be pesticide and chemical free? Learn how to grow produce from start to finish using TALMAR’s organic methods.


Vertical Gardening- Struggling to find enough space for growing produce and more? TALMAR will teach you how to use bamboo and other materials for maximizing your space and growing up instead of out.


Chicken & Eggs- Ever tasted an organic egg? Learn how to easily raise chickens in your backyard so you can have eggs all year around!


Verma Composting- Want an ideal soil for harvesting fruits and vegetables while recycling at the same time? Learn how you can use worms to create a healthy composting system!


Hydroponics-Want to grow produce indoors, all year round? This workshop will teach you the different types of hydroponics systems and the best option for your home.


Bee Keeping- Eat oatmeal and drink tea with homemade honey! Sample some TALMAR honey while you learn all about hives, bees, and more!


Composting- Looking for quality soil and the chance to recycle at the same time? Learn how to construct your own composting system for your garden or home!


Farm-To-Table- Learn how to turn TALMAR’s fresh produce into a healthy meal with chef Todd.  Partake in a cooking demonstration and sample two courses straight from the farm.