Horticultural Therapy Programs for the Disability Community

TALMAR serves people of all ages and abilities with a focus on those with special needs and disabilities. Our goal is to contribute to the mind, body and spirit of the individual. TALMAR is a leading provider of horticultural therapy programming in Maryland.

Our horticultural programming is beneficial to everyone from young adults to seniors, to individuals with special needs and to groups from organizations that serve people with special needs, as well as to military veterans. The goal of our organization is to assist participants in learning new skills, provide education and contribute to general mental and physical wellness through horticultural activities. TALMAR accommodates individuals and groups for one hour sessions with up to 6 participants. To schedule our services for either individual or group sessions, please email Tanya Ray at tanyaray@talmar.org or contact us at 410-825-2020.

Sustainable Agriculture School for Veterans

Beginning Farmers Program for Veterans

Learn about our partnership with the Veterans Administration Pilot Horticultural Agricultural Training for Veterans having Mental Health challenges!

TALMAR is pleased to be working in partnership with the Veterans Administration in a pilot program that trains veterans who are also experiencing mental health challenges, in a beginning farmer program in Sustainable Agriculture. Both classroom and practical hands-on experience continue throughout the sessions.

Beginning in spring of 2019, all enrollees will take the initial 14-week course. Some interested enrollees who complete the first course successfully will be selected to continue training for the full ten-month experience. Training is anticipated to end in November, depending on the weather. Further training is less focused on sustainable agriculture but rather it offers an introduction to landscaping, greenhouse management and floriculture. We are excited for this new program and look forward to growing with our veterans.

For more information regarding this program, please contact the VA or our Veteran Instructor and coordinator, Kate Long by email (katelong@talmar.org) or call 410-825-2020.

Community Supported Agriculture & Flowers (CSA)

What is a CSA?

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is an arrangement that connects the producer and consumers within the food system more closely by allowing the consumer to subscribe to the harvest of the farm. It is an alternative economic model of agriculture and food distribution that allows the producer and consumer to share together the risks and rewards of farming.

In our CSA, you visit the farm weekly (sign up for Tuesdays or Fridays) to pick up your share of what you have subscribed to  – the Produce CSA (vegetables and herbs), the Flowers CSA, and/or the Eggs CSA. You pay for the CSA subscription at the beginning of the growing season, and collect your share weekly starting when the crops are ready.

Why our CSA?

  • Taste: We carefully select our vegetable and herb varieties for excellent taste and quality.
  • Freshness: Produce is harvested the day you receive it or only one day earlier.
  • Health for Body and Soil: Our produce is grown organically without pesticides in fertile soil resulting in highly nutritious food and healthy soil.
  • Support Local Agriculture: Through a CSA, your dollars go directly towards strengthening and sustaining a small farm. Get to know the farm and farmers. See where and how your food is grown.


TALMAR is known for our beautiful “specialty” cut flowers, which are grown in our hoop houses and in the fields. Many large food retail stores buy flowers from us, but you can avoid their markup by subscribing to our Flower CSA.  Get a fresh, medium-size bouquet or bucket of flowers weekly. Stems are cut 12 to 14 inches long or to a requested stem length. Join the Flowers CSA with or without the Produce CSA.


Add a half or a whole dozen fresh eggs from our free range organically fed hens.  Customers may choose to have an “egg only” membership.