[Option D]: For Youth, Ages 16-22

This program is adapted for students who are making the initial transition into the workforce. It is offered as an after school or summer program.  Our training combines work-place expectations, time management, tips for conflict resolution, meeting an employer’s demands, setting goals, selecting appropriate work attire and more. Participants can choose which avenue of work they’d like to pursue: Greenhouse Production, Floriculture, or Landscape Design.

Soft-skills prepare students for sustaining long-term employment include:

• Attendance, punctuality, time management.

• Grooming, hygiene and work attire.

• Identification of any barriers to achievement of goals and objectives.

• Job performance as it relates to production and quality.

• Professionalism, workplace behavior, time management, avoiding and resolving workplace conflict, personal coping strategies, team work, and accepting feedback, attitudes, coping strategies, and how to recognize when they may be needed

• Pay check and money management skills.

• Identification of need for academic or literacy enhancement for employment or career opportunities in the field.

Hard-skills addressed in greenhouse production inclusive of:

• Sowing seeds

• Biological and environmental requirements of plants.

• Transplanting

• Watering

• Fertilization requirements

• Plant identification

• Plant insect and disease identification and eradication

• Planning for production, keeping a log/data base

• Planting techniques

• Greenhouse technology and maintenance

Hard-skills addressed in floriculture production inclusive of:

• Selection of specialty cut-flowers to be planted for design purposes

• Growing in the field

• Flowers for Drying

• Harvesting and Post-harvesting protocols

• Principals of floral design

• Marketing Flowers

• Types of designs and arrangements

• Mechanics and supplies used in floral design

• Floral crafts

• Customer care relations

• Ordering and pricing

Hard-skills address in an introduction to landscape include:

• Small engine usage and Repair

• Garden Tools Usage

• Mowing

• Weed eating

• Edging

• Pruning

• Landscaping / Lawn Care

• Mulching

• Irrigation

• Fertilization

For Youth, Ages 16-22