What’s Gingham & Gazpacho?

Like a lot of charities,TALMAR is trying to be innovative when it comes to fundraising during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since we can’t invite our friends and families to support us in a 5K run, or buy tickets to a gala, we’re inviting you to a picnic!

How does it work?

Have you or your friends ever asked people to donate to a charity on the eve of a 5K race? Gingham & Gazpacho is like that– except we’re picnicing at least six feet away from each other and can be as creative as we want with our meals. Anyone can picnic, but if you’re hoping to support TALMAR, set up or join a team at charity.gofundme.com. If you have a personal story about TALMAR, or horticultural therapy, SHARE IT! The more people who understand how important programs at TALMAR are, the more $ you can raise! You can also direct people to TALMAR’s website to make direct donations.

Plan your menu!

We’re planning to picnic on Friday, September 18th. You can picnic at home, your neighborhood park, or register to picnic on TALMAR’s campus. Pique everyone’s interest by sharing your menu ideas– including what ingredients come from your garden, your community supported agriculture (CSA) share, or the local farmers market. And let us know what you’re planning– send an email to talmar@talmar.org or tag us @farmatTALMAR on Facebook and @talmarhtc on Instagram.


Get some fresh air, increase your vitamin D, reduce stress, enjoy time with family and friends, flex your culinary skills, take advantage of the 2020 charitable contribution tax deduction and help support TALMAR programs.