Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is all about creating a mutually beneficial relationship between growers and their local communities. At TALMAR in Baltimore, Maryland, we offer fresh vegetables each week, as well as therapeutic horticulture, vocational training, and complementary modalities, for people of all ages and abilities.

How It Works
Enjoy the freshest, locally grown vegetables all season long by purchasing a share of our harvest. As a member of TALMAR, you’re entitled to a portion of the food we produce every week of the growing season. You’ll receive a diverse selection of top-quality vegetables, picked at the peak of ripeness to ensure they are as delicious and nutritious as possible. In exchange, we receive a seasonal commitment and support for our horticultural therapy and vocational skills programs.

Local & Convenient
Produce is served up market-style at our farm each week. A variety of different portion sizes and pick-up days are available to suit your lifestyle.