Breaking New Ground

 BREAKING NEW GROUND  IS A 10 MONTH USDA CURRICULUM BASED CERTIFICATION FARMERS TRAINING in Sustainable Agriculture.  Our course is DIFFERENT THAN OTHER TRAINING’S IS  THE FACT THAT our TRAINING GOES THROUGH AN ENTIRE GROWING SESSION and graduates are given plots of vacant land in which to establish and maintain their own agri-business.  One year of follow up is provided as well. Application on line.  Class sizes are limited.

Breaking New Ground Application (Official, 2017)

There are 2 sessions each year beginning and ending:

February 1- November 1

May 15- December 1; February 1-April 1

Each session requires 2 hours of class work for four months with 4 hours of practicum.   6 hours of hands-on training (Practicum) on our farm  for the months that do not require classroom time.

Fee Based: $4800.00  (Payment plans available).

VETERANS are entitled to FREE tuition through their Vocation Rehabilitation Counselor