Farm Training


Launch your new career, business or expand your skills and hands-on applications in Sustainable Agriculture through TALMAR’s “Breaking New Ground’s” Beginner Farmer’s Training program.

This innovative 4-Semester Program Includes: 

Planning Management & Development

Social & Environmental Issues

Organic Farming & Gardening Skills

Marketing & Distribution


Now! Register for the Breaking New Ground Beginner Farmer’s Training program through TALMAR. Begin by downloading the application here: Breaking New Ground Application.


CERTIFICATE TRAINING (TALMAR)Register now for TALMAR’s Breaking New Ground program.  This 10-month Sustainable Agriculture training will help you master the techniques in Planning Management & Development, Social & Environmental Issues, Organic Farming & Gardening Skills, and Marketing & Distribution. Graduation yields group or individual land parcels on which to harvest production. Farmers will gain the skills for harvesting organic, local produce and for selling it to the community. This will be possible through TALMAR’s relationships with farmer’s markets, farm-to-table restaurants, and local grocers.

Deadline for Registration:

Spring  2017:  2/27


TALMAR Gardens has been using horticultural therapy for 17 years. It has expanded in capacity with Breaking New Ground to offer training to all individuals, including our military veterans. Breaking New Gorund integrates mental, physical, and social therapies into our vocational practices.  Our assessable greenhouse and farming accommodations serve individuals that experience life-interruptive challenges.

The leading killer in Baltimore is heart disease. Graduates of Breaking New Ground reduces this rate by educating their consumers about the benefits of eating naturally-grown produce. Through our training, farmers will help decrease obesity and decrease the number of people suffering from heart disease.

The departure from interstate commerce is ever on the rise. Produce travels thousands of miles which upon arrival, results in shelf lives of 4 or less days. To endure commutes, companies rely heavily on the use of chemicals, preservatives of which are responsible in part for the departure of company’s consumer bases. Consequently, Maryland and the U.S are witnessing a widespread move towards buying “local”.

Baltimore is comprised of over 44 food deserts- neighborhoods without access to fruit and vegetables. The need for harvesting produce in Baltimore is huge. TALMAR’s networks have provided over 50 coldframes, materials, and farm lots for graduates. For more information call us at 410-825-2020 or email us at