Mission Statement: 

TALMAR (Therapeutic Alternatives of Maryland) is dedicated to the mission of enhancing health for all people of all ages and abilities.  TALMAR offers an innovative therapeutic environment providing work skills development, vocation, educational and recreational programming in horticulture and agriculture.  All programs are designed particularly for individuals with physical, mental and developmental challenges that impact their health and well-being.


TALMAR, (Therapeutic Alternatives of Maryland), began in 1998 with a focus on work-skills development, vocational training and horticultural therapy. Today, TALMAR operate programs for developmentally and physically challenged children and adults and for those with depression, mental illness, stroke, and at-risk youth.  In 2015, TALMAR expanded to support the military veteran population, engaging veterans throughout the area in a farmer’s training program. On average, TALMAR services nearly 130 individuals per year.

After professional assessments, participants are introduced to horticultural therapy practices, vocational training, social skills, and leisure programs tailored to individual needs.  Examples include planting, cutting flowers and harvesting fresh produce. Participants can gain satisfaction from the fact that their flowers and produce are organically grown and sold to the community to support programming. Our beautiful 10-acre farm setting offers a safe and nurturing environment that promotes social development as well as psychological and physical advancement.


Partnerships and Affiliations