Leadership and Staff

Founder & Executive Director—Catherine T. Murphy, M.S, HTR

Cate is the founding visionary of TALMAR (Therapeutic Alternatives of Maryland). Educated at Johns Hopkins University and dedicated to the principle of inclusion, Cate is widely recognized for her innovations. Her expertise in horticulture is immensely valuable to educating, training, employing, and engaging people of all abilities.

Cate is the recipient of numerous citations honoring her achievements as a Registered Horticultural Therapist. The American Horticultural Association recently honored Cate with an international service award in recognition of significant contribution to horticultural therapy in the area of program services provided for a community.

FARM MANAGER/ AGRICULTURAL INSTRUCTOR:  Todd is a passionate and energetic professional who has spent the last 10 years bringing people closer to food. Todd believes that creating positive relationships between people and food is the only way to help people live healthier lives. Todd was born on the Eastern Shore and raised on his family’s farm where he learned the importance of growing food to sustain your family. Prior to TALMAR Todd attended culinary school and worked as a head chef, collaborating with farmers to produce menus inspired by local produce. After cooking for 7 years Todd attended Goucher College and acquired a BA in Environmental Studies and is currently pursuing a MA in Environmental Business. Todd has also been working with several urban and community farms, as well as a commercial hydroponic farm.


For 13 years, Tracy  has advocated for programs that benefit Baltimore’s underserved communities. Prior to working at TALMAR she taught English Language Arts in Baltimore City to students in grades six through twelve. Inspired by creative writings’ ability to rehabilitate students, she gained her Masters of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts. Tracy developed a LLC, The WriPen Organization, which  uses sense memory exercises as a means of alternative therapy. It’s mission is to capture aging adults’ legacies by recording their life histories and composing, designing, and publishing them into books for individuals’ family and friends. She serves as TALMAR’s Program and Volunteer Coordinator and oversees marketing to create public awareness.

OFFICE MANAGER:  Lori Wolinski