Dear Friends,

Hi to the new friends we just met at our open house for agency partners, or the veteran-owned brewery in Baltimore City, and to those of you returning to TALMAR for another amazing season! It feels like Mother Nature skipped winter, especially here at TALMAR where we’ve been starting seeds and redesigning curriculum in anticipation of March when program participants will return to our campus. In preparation for the 2020 growing season, we’re spending the “winter” months planning and reflecting on TALMAR’s 2019 accomplishments (the full 2019 impact statement infographic can be viewed below). We see all of the potential and value TALMAR holds in our community, and we’ve been hearing that you agree! The enthusiasm over TALMAR’s mission has been invigorating and we have set our sights on even higher goals in 2020.

To support this, we’re creating new opportunities to become involved at TALMAR. Some of the easiest and earliest are to sign up for (and tell your friends about) our Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) and bouquet subscription programs. We are working with local businesses and organizations to increase our reach; this year we’ve added the option to pick up bouquet subscription shares at Full Tilt Brewing in Baltimore City’s Homeland neighborhood. Full Tilt is co-owned by a Navy veteran who is very supportive of TALMAR’s efforts to engage veterans in agriculture and other horticultural therapy programs.

Thank you,

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TALMAR, in collaboration with Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks, offers an innovative therapeutic environment providing work skills development, vocational, educational and recreational programming in horticulture and agriculture. All programs are designed particularly for individuals with physical, mental or developmental challenges that impact their health and well-being.